Frequenty Asqued Questions


What is the physical address of New Business Accounting LLC?


We visited your business which in most cases is extremely suitable for you and your business. 1. You do not have to leave your employees or customers to visit us. 2. From the door out of your business, we acquire responsibility for the information, data, and documents that we will be using to carrying out you business accounting.


 In that ways can we communicate with you?

          -Call us to our phone: 787-674-1496

          -Send us an Email to:

          -Use our contact form on our CONTACT PAGE


You can communicate with us in English or Spanish according to your choice.



 What are some common mistakes that I should avoid when working with you?


        -Not being 100 percent honest with your accountant is the worst mistake you could make because the

          truth will come out, either in the planning stage or in front of the IRS auditor.

        -Failing to follow the advice of your accountant is another common mistake. The whole point of hiring

          an accountant is for their advice. Thoughtfully consider it, then use it to make reasoned, balanced